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Waterfall Plant Stands - Set of 3

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These beautiful tables feature a stamped metal accent with swirling wire and are a perfect accent for all your home decor pieces. The plant stands can be used next to your couch, in the office, or anywhere in the home to display frames, artwork, potted plants and more.

The Waterfall Plant Stands add an elegant yet sophisticated touch to your store's space. Their sturdy metal construction allows them to be stacked creating a dynamic look. They will perfectly hold and display plants and other decor accessories. The tables come in a set of 3 different sized stands. The side tables are perfect to resell for home decor and organization needs.

  • Plant Stands-3 Piece Set
  • Use in any room of the home to accent your decor
  • Perfect for plants, artwork and other decor pieces
  • Stamped metal accent creates unique elegant decor
  • Large: 13" H x 13" Dia
  • Medium: 11.5" H x 10.75" Dia
  • Small: 9.5" H x 8.25" Dia
  • Stack to create unique display
  • Perfect for clothes, frames, artwork and other product
  • Resell for home and office use
  • Large: 13"h x 13" Diameter
  • Medium: 11.5"h x 10.75" Diameter
  • Small: 9.5" h x 8.25" diameter
Dimensions 12.9" W × 12.9" D × 13" H
Weight 6 lbs 4.48oz
Adjustable? No
Lip 0.0000